manasa sarovar

Day 9 : Saga to Nyalum

Distance Traveled: About 250 Kms Time Traveled: About 5 hours. Left Saga around 9:30 AM and reached Nyalam by 3 PM. On our way to Mt. Kailash, our buses did not stop at any photography points and given that even we were keen to get to Mt. Kailash as early as possible, none of us […]

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Day 10: Nyalam to Kathmandu

Distance Traveled: About 160 Kms Time Taken: Almost 10 hrs. More than it being the last day of our journey, we wanted to get out of the dirty hotel where we were put up the night before. We left Nyalam at 8 am and reached Kathmandu around 7 pm that evening, due to some issues […]

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