Photo Stories

Sunrise @ Matanga Parvatha

Landscape photography can be hard work and only sometimes all the efforts pay off. During my visit to Hampi this past weekend, along with a bunch of photographers led by Arun Bhat from Darter Photography, we woke up around 4:45 am, got ready by 5:30 am and left for Matanga Parvatha. It is a 20 […]

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Escape from the jaws of death…

During my trip to Jog Falls, back in August of 2011, I went out for an evening birding session around the estates that surrounded the home-stay, where we were boarding. As I was walking by a small muddy path, heard some screeching and weird noises from the bushes . I had never heard such a […]

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Live another day

Back in Dec 2012, was part of a photography tour to Valparai and Annamali , deep within the beautiful and enchanting Western Ghats of India, a tour that was organized by Kalyan Varma and Dilan Mandana. Around 2 pm, as we approached one of the forest guest house on the banks of the Pambar river, […]

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