Jog Falls

Jog Falls, Aug 2022

With the copious amount of rain this year, it was a perfect time to visit all the falls in Karnataka. After 8 long years, I finally returned to Jog Falls with Kiran, Sri Vatsa, and Rohan. It was a perfect opportunity to test drive Kirans’ KIA Seltos on a long drive as well. Had lots of fun driving and then photographing Jog Falls in all its glory.

Waterflow from Linganamakki dam was not in full force, but it had enough water to fill up all the 4 falls (Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani / Lady), but more importantly, it had enough water to create the amazing mist that is generated by water that falls from a great height. It was magical.

Here is a video of all the time-lapses that we shot during this trip:

This serene, beautiful cover-shot for this post was taken by Kiran

Apart from the ever-changing mist, the other highlight of the trip was finding a Green Vine Snake, creep-up on a small shrub right in front of the railings, from where we were shooting our time-lapses.

Green Vine Snake

Green Vine Snake

IB at the top-left and Yatrinivas on the top-right side of the image