Due to the vastness of the “Middle Land” and the entire region being sparsely populated, all human settlements here are isolated amid their own beautiful surroundings. But the one that awe stuck us and left us speechless was this hamlet that was set amidst green pastures and surrounded by snow-clad mountain, was Langza.

This remote village, situated at an altitude of 4400 meters in the upper region of Spiti, is surrounded by many snow clad peaks and the tallest among them being the Chau Chau Kang Nilda (CCKN), which in local language means the princess of the sun and the moon. The CCKN towers over the entire landscape at 6603 meters. A giant statue of Lord Buddha overlooks the valley from the highest hillock in the village.

Langza is divided into 2 sections, namely Langza Yongma (Lower) and Langza Gongma (upper). This Buddhist village belongs to the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism and house a population of 150+ people in about 30+ households.

The mainstay of this village in the olden days was mud craft. Vessels of all shapes and sizes were produced here and supplied to the entire valley for household use. This craft has dwindled over the ages and the current mainstay is primarily agriculture. This region receives no rainfall from monsoon and the summer months are spent growing barley and sweet peas. Barley is one of the staple foods and the sweet peas are exported out of this regions. Families also rear livestock, which provide them with milk and meat. Donkey’s are reared and used for transportation. Summer is also the time for taking out sheep / cattle and donkey for grazing in the high altitude meadows.

Winters are long and inclement at Langza. Langza remain disconnected from the civilization during winters; only a few brave souls stay in their mud house during that inhospitable weather. Livestock can’t be grazed during these months and are cared indoors as well.

As summers arrive, the transformation of snow fields to green pastures is truly overwhelming and Langza opens its door to a few fortunate visitors.

Timelapse of Langza:

Langza Village:


Fields of barley, sweet peas and snow covered CCKN that towers over Langza:


A close up of CCKN:


Lord Buddha at the top of the village:


View of the Langza Gongma:


Barley grass:


Livestock grazing:


Donkeys grazing in the high altitude meadow:


Sunset over Langza:



That night was guru-purnima and the full moon bathed the entire valley in this amazing mysterious light.




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