Escape from the jaws of death…

During my trip to Jog Falls, back in August of 2011, I went out for an evening birding session around the estates that surrounded the home-stay, where we were boarding. As I was walking by a small muddy path, heard some screeching and weird noises from the bushes . I had never heard such a sound before and was not sure what was making such weird noise. It took me a minute or so to find out the source and to my surprise found a vine snake trying to eat a frog.

What was surprising was the fight being put up by the frog. As each second went by, I could see that the frog was bloating itself, so as to make itself larger than the small mouth of the vine snake.

Observed this struggle between life and death for a minute or so … from  both the predator’s and pray’s perspective … and then within a couple of seconds, the snake vanished among the thick bushes.

So who do you think won that evening : Frog or the Vine Snake ?


Close up of the vine snake with the frog


Wider perspective of where the hunt was going on


Frog was bloating itself up…but the snake would not let it go


Last shot i was able to capture before the snake vanished into the bushes