Sunrise @ Matanga Parvatha

Landscape photography can be hard work and only sometimes all the efforts pay off. During my visit to Hampi this past weekend, along with a bunch of photographers led by Arun Bhat from Darter Photography, we woke up around 4:45 am, got ready by 5:30 am and left for Matanga Parvatha. It is a 20 – 30 minute hike up along the steep steps to the top of Matanga Parvatha, which is the tallest hill around the Hampi ruins. We had to do all of this in-order to ensure we were well in time for the main show to begin i.e. sunrise over Hampi. This time around, I did not climb all the way to the top of the hill, but stopped at a clear landing, about 20 mts below the hill top, in order to photography scenery  on the south / south-eastern portions around the Matanga Parvatha.

Here are some of the shots made during this fantastic natural event.


Fog rolls in towards Hampi



Fog surrounds a distant hill but leaves the ground uncovered



Small water body visible at the foothills of this hill


Fog rolling in



The main event begins… Sun rises over the numerous hillocks and brings various and brilliant hues of red, orange and yellow.



A wide angel perspective of sun-rise and the hillocks



Personally, this and the next three are the shots that i like the most.



Favorite shot # 2 : Another perspective of the same subject



Favorite shot # 3 : A wider perspective of the same subject



Favorite shot # 4 : Yet another perspective of the same subject



The show went on for about 30 minutes and the fog continued to flow during this time.