Day 4: Saga to Mt. Kailash

Distance Traveled : Almost 600 kms Time Traveled : About 8 hours. We left Saga around 8 AM and reached the entrance to Mt. Kailash and Manasa Sarovar around 3:30 PM. Here is the road map from Saga to Manasa Sarovar and Mt. Kailash : This was the day we had all planned for, waited […]

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Day 9 : Saga to Nyalum

Distance Traveled: About 250 Kms Time Traveled: About 5 hours. Left Saga around 9:30 AM and reached Nyalam by 3 PM. On our way to Mt. Kailash, our buses did not stop at any photography points and given that even we were keen to get to Mt. Kailash as early as possible, none of us […]

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Sunrise @ Matanga Parvatha

Landscape photography can be hard work and only sometimes all the efforts pay off. During my visit to Hampi this past weekend, along with a bunch of photographers led by Arun Bhat from Darter Photography, we woke up around 4:45 am, got ready by 5:30 am and left for Matanga Parvatha. It is a 20 […]

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