Whale Watching @ Sydney

June 30th 2018. Saturday. My first visit to Australia. Came back from Brisbane the previous night and decided to do some whale watching off the coast of Sydney. Weather at Sydney during the week gone by was rather gloomy. Mornings were pretty cold at around 5 to 9 degrees, with daytime temperature reaching a high […]

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Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney

June 23rd, 2018. Saturday. This was the first weekend in Sydney, on my first ever trip to Australia. Cold winter had its icy grip over Sydney and surrounding areas. If Sydney was cold at around 6-7 degrees, it was close to 0 at Katoomba, gateway into the Blue Mountains National Park. The Blue Mountains National […]

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This is the view from our Sydney office pantry area. What a view. My colleagues who work out of this office are really lucky to have a view like this. Out of the 6 days i worked out of this office, I ensured I either ate my breakfast or lunch, sitting at the row of […]

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